NKBA Accredited Programs

About NKBA Accredited Programs

NKBA Accredited students are the solution to your firm’s staffing needs, with over 50 colleges and universities across North America that offer design curriculums specializing in residential kitchens and baths. Accredited Programs teach everything from the beginning stages of residential construction to advanced kitchen and bath design concepts to plan a safe, healthy, functional kitchen or bath. These students can immediately contribute to the success of your business. Some of the required learned competencies include:

  • Assess clients needs using the NKBA Survey Form
  • Measure according to NKBA procedures
  • Evaluate structural considerations as related to the design process
  • Hand draft according to NKBA Graphic and Presentation Standards
  • Computerized drafting (some offer kitchen/bath specific)
  • Create client presentations
  • Research and specify kitchen and bath products
  • Project management
  • Sales techniques

Students seek NKBA Accredited Programs because they wish to pursue a career in the kitchen and bath industry. Many students are willing to travel to obtain a good internship opportunity, so don’t fret if your business is not located near an accredited college.

Appropriate internship opportunities exist in all segments of the industry. Remember that the emphasis should be on work with residential customers. Many activities apply to the various segments of the industry (retail, wholesale, manufacturing, etc.).

The 2 programs that our chapter supports are:

The Art Institute of York, PA
1409 Williams Rd
York, PA  17402
(717) 755-2300
Program Coordinator:  Kim Morrison

Lehigh Carbon Community College

4525 Education Park Dr.,
North Whitehall Township, PA 18078
(610) 799-2121        
Program Coordinator:  Sherri Hammond

What is the difference between NKBA Accredited Programs and NKBA Supported Programs?

Supported programs have implemented the NKBA standards into their curriculum, but have not completed the accreditation process yet. To achieve a full accreditation, student work samples must meet NKBA standards, a site visit must verify that the implementation of the NKBA materials was successful, and there must have been a graduate of the curriculum that was submitted for the accreditation.

Employers hiring students from NKBA Supported Programs should be sure to ask if they have completed the kitchen and bath courses and ask to see examples of their work.

All of the programs that have successfully completed the accreditation process have the foundation for students to be successful in the industry.

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